About Us

STEAM VIETNAM HIGH-TECH ROBOT JSC is the leading STEAM education solution provider in Vietnam, targeting the STEAM (STEM) education for schools, educational institutions, and families. STEAM Vietnam Robot provides hardware solutions, software, and robotics development orientation in the field of education under the STEAM method (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) to prepare human resources for the 4th industrial revolution.

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Our STEAM educational solutions include:

Preschool and Kindergarten schools

Assembly models, scientific discovery sets, mTiny-Makeblock robots, Codey Rocky – Makeblock robots, STEAM toys ...

Primary schools

Robot mBot - Makeblock, Codey rocky robot - Makeblock, mTiny robot, Halocode Stand kit, Robot AI, Laser engraving cutting machine, 3D printer ...

High schools

mBot V1.1 robot - Makeblock, mBot ranger makeblock robot, Ultimate- Makeblock robot, Codey rocky, Halocode stand kit, mBuid, Robot AI, Laser engraving cutting machine, 3D printer...

College and University

Robot arm, Robot Ultimate ...

Design and supply STEM Lab (Maker Space) equipment

Design STEM Lab room according to the scale and requirements of the schools and training centers. Also supply equipment and complete construction of STEM Lab.

Industrial robot products

Besides, we also provide solutions for robotic equipment for families, security robots in buildings and industrial parks, service robots in restaurants, hotels, banks ...


Our partners are the leading technology companies in the world in providing STEAM educational solutions such as Microsoft BBC, Makeblock, Lego Edu, Science Box, ALS robots, AKA, Arduino ...
We also partner in the supply of home robot and office products such as Samsung Electronics, Phillips, Xiaomi and CSJ bot.


At STEAM VIETNAM, our mission is to bring technology into education and life.
If you are interested in a product or looking for a partner in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us at the information below:
Director: Nguyen Khac Bac
Email: bac.n@robotsteam.vn
Mobile: (+84)934458255
Skype or Whatsapp: 84934458255